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Home > Industry Information > Potain Introduces First Hydraulic Flathead Boom Crane

Potain Introduces First Hydraulic Flathead Boom Crane


Manitowoc introduced the company's first hydraulic boom Crane Potain Potain MCH120. The new crane has a lifting capacity of 8 tons and is launched in markets in China, other parts of Asia, Africa, Oceania, the Middle East, Russia and Latin America.

Potain Introduces First Hydraulic Flathead Boom Crane

The new Potain PotainMCH120 is the company's first hydraulic flathead Jib Crane, which has now been launched. The prototype of the crane was previewed at the China BMW Exhibition held in Shanghai in 2016. The first batch of products was field tested by specific distributors in Thailand, Australia and New Zealand and then launched into these related international markets. This is Potain Potain's first flat head boom model. Its unique hydraulic technology makes assembly easier and faster.

The crane combines the advantages of Potain's Potain MCR boom cranes and MCT flathead cranes. The contractor will find it particularly easy to assemble and disassemble this crane in a crowded field, so it is ideal for municipal works or other space-limited project sites.

Thibaut Le Besnerais, Manitovac's global product director for tower cranes, said that the new cranes have enhanced Potain Potain's reputation for driving innovation and development in the Tower Crane industry.

He said: “The MCH120 represents the latest tower crane design and is very different from other cranes on the market. Its prototype was positively received at the BMW Exhibition in China and was followed by a series of early field trials by customers in the Asia Pacific region. And the results of the trial were very successful. We have already seen customers' keen interest in using this crane in various applications."

The maximum lifting capacity of the MCH120 is 8 tons and the maximum length of the boom is 50 meters. The arm has a weight of 2 tons and is equipped with a 60LVF20 lifting mechanism with a maximum lifting speed of 100 m/min. The unique design of the crane has many advantages, including quick installation and disassembly. Flat-head design means less space is required on site, and there is no need to assemble the tower head on the ground before installation.

The crane also uses Potain Potain's VVH hydraulic luffing technology for longitudinal movement of the boom, eliminating the need for luffing ropes. The MCH120 with VVH technology can rise from the horizontal to 87° in 2 minutes. The hydraulic system is also pre-connected in the factory, so there is no need to connect when the crane is assembled on site.

Compared with the rope width design method, the hydraulic amplitude change design also means that the balance arm length of the crane is shorter and the working radius is smaller under non-use conditions, which is more suitable for running on a crowded construction site.

The Vision140 cab used in this product is one of the largest cabs on the market today, and its comfort and visibility are greatly improved. Only four trucks are needed to transport the entire lift structure of the crane, including a 50-meter boom. The assembly of 40-meter-high cranes can be achieved within 6 hours.

Like all Potain Potain cranes, this crane is smooth, quiet, and highly versatile. It can be used on towers with 1.6 meters or 2 meters of existing kerbs to increase equipment availability. The boom part comes from the MCR series of jib cranes. There are five types of arm lengths, from 30 meters to 50 meters. Each 5 meters is an extension section.

Le Besnerais explained: “In the course of development of the MCH120, we used advanced simulation tool technology to develop a machine with performance that meets Potain's Potain customers' expectations. We expect this crane to generate a keen interest in the market it launches. ."

The MCH120 will be sold and supported by the Potain Potain dealer network with extensive coverage. The first products will be delivered in early 2018. The sales market includes China, other parts of Asia, Africa, Oceania, Middle East, Russia and Latin America. (This article is from Manitowoc)

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